Photo credit: ICC Jerusalem

The March of Life is an initiative by Jobst and Charlotte Bittner and TOS Ministries from Germany. Together with descendants of German Wehrmacht soldiers and members of the SS and police force, they have organized memorial and reconciliation marches at sites of the Holocaust all over Europe.

This movement began in 2007, marches were held in 20 nations and in more than 350 cities in cooperation with Christians from different churches and denominations, as well as from many Jewish communities. The message is remembering, reconciliation, taking a stand against modern anti-Semitism.

For three days the conference held here at the ICC Jerusalem, with music, performances and lectures for more than 3000 people who came from 43 countries around the world. This year it was really special thanks to the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the State of Israel. Thousands of Christians from all nations will come to Jerusalem for a special conference. Together with Israelis from all spheres of society they honor Holocaust survivors, demonstrate publicly that the nations stand side by side with Israel and say “No!” to anti-Semitism!

The conference took place at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem– May 13th– 15th.