Photo credit: Facebook // Union Hotels

The Grand Union Café has been Ljubljana’s vibrant pulse since 1905. Meetings over an excellent cup of coffee, or a cup of herbal or oriental tea, had been a tradition among the locals in Ljubljana, as well as by tourists, for over a century now. The Grand Union Café offers a wide choice of fruit and a unique confectionery based on ancient recipes and a variety of snacks that their guests can enjoy when reading foreign or local newspapers and magazines that are always available in the Café.

Union Hotels are also offering a rich cultural program in the evenings. The Grand Union Café has become an important cultural spot, and it keeps attracting locals and foreigners also because of the evening music, stand-up, theatrical and dancing program.

In May there were three Friday evenings dedicated to the music from the 60’s and 70’s. “Retro Piano” evenings brought back those golden times to it fullest. The guests were able to enjoy a selected offer of retro desserts and drinks while listening to the sounds that reminded them of how it was in those golden times.

A series of evenings by the name ReUnion, dedicated to music is organized by Zavod Orbita. Twice a month the stage will belong to the sounds of unique and talented music artists.

And for those who love to dance, the Swing night are perfect chance to stretch their legs. The biggest swing nights in Slovenia are held at Grand Union Café. So put on your vintage clothes and join the swing dancing crowd under the chandeliers. The Swing nights are organised by the Vintage society.

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