The service, which is the result of demand from AAE community members and in-depth interview research, includes high-value education and information with online forums, networking events, seminars, masterclasses and conferences in Brussels, Geneva, Amsterdam and London. AAE’s successful events-dedicated streams at its Association Congress series complement the service.

Executive Director of AAE, Damian Hutt, who has been managing and developing conferences globally for 33 years, says:

“This service we are launching provides business-critical guidance, best practice and education that supports conference and event strategists and managers in Europe, to develop and manage their event programmes. The new high-value service and content is created specifically for executives of associations, societies and federations in Europe. Our service supports all associations, not just those with specific event-rotation and not just their annual congress – it’s about their whole events programme and we address many high-level issues not just venues and city selection.”

The service includes events-specific:

  • Case studies of successful event development and growth
  • Best practice advice from respected experts
  • Online learning with over 100 videos of association event development
  • Video interviews discussing challenges and how they are being addressed
  • Webinars from experts
  • Reports on conference research with AAE members
  • Update reports on destinations
  • A library of useful documents and templates
  • In-depth articles on event development and event technology strategy
  • Short news
  • Discussion forums
  • Advice centre
  • Directory of association-expert suppliers
  • Seminars, Masterclasses & Networking events in Brussels, Geneva, Amsterdam & London
  • Attendance for Conference Directors / HoDs to the Association Events Strategy Conference in July

    Any association executive of any role can take-up the service, which is important as events may be only one part of their responsibilities.  Services for other roles will be launched at AAE events in July, including for Membership, Marketing, Education and Leadership.

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