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Athens is a Metropolis rapidly rising as the top choice destination for millions of visitors. As an excellent XL Meeting Destination as well as the 2nd among the 15 Best Destinations of the New Europe Meetings Star 2017, this historic city offers an interesting location and ideal weather, and has infrastructure befitting a major European capital. This year the city is proudly answering to an additional calling. Athens has been named World Book Capital for 2018.

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World Book Capital is an initiative of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. The title is nominated every year to a different city and the programmes run from 23rd April (World Book and Copyright Day) to 22nd April of the following year. The whole year is full of books, reading, culture and events that promote knowledge that, these days, is sought after and readily accessible to all. The aim of the festivities is to bring books to every neighbourhood and to every corner of the city. Athens 2018 World Book Capital aims to offer to the citizens and visitors a unique cultural experience.


A selectively curated program dedicated to the world of books combined with arts, will celebrate evolution, forward thinking and creativity for a whole year. Over 250 events including inspirational hubs in the form of round tables, open discussions and creative dialogues and with the presence of distinguished writers throughout the year will be a major part of the program.

Under the motto “Athens is reading – Books in the city” a vivid patchwork of events, artworks, projections, walking trails, bottom-up initiatives and workshops, aspires to become the absolute literary ground of open dialogue – not only for the creators, stakeholders and intellectual elites but, most importantly, for all its citizens, as well as visitors.

Photo: City of Athens Convention & Visitors Bureau


The program is spread in various pillars, such as Books & the Arts, Celebrating Reading, Discover Reading Treasures, Open Collections & Archives, Conferences, Round Tables & meetups, Festivals, Reading Everywhere, Readers Welcome, Educational Events.

The Open Collections project, for example, includes more than 30 of the most important museums, archives, libraries, institutes in Athens, that open their doors to the public and show their hidden treasures, often for the first time, combined with events, workshops or guided tours.

Distinguished foreign writers are visiting Athens, speech events broaden public’s horizons, a mobile library is travelling through the city’s neighborhoods, artistics events such as theatre, dancing, cinema, art or video are spotted in different parts of the city along festivals, and pop up libraries.

Athenian Literary Walks are taking place during the year: writers, academics, historians, a.o. are guiding the participants in hidden treasures and secrets of Athens based upon books. A literary relay race is also taking place through the year, with writers from different backgrounds passing the floor to their favorite writer – a race full of surprises and stories to tell!

Public pop up readings in unexpected spots of daily life offer a pleasant creative break, while the city will be filled with creative and substantial programs that will make Athens an inspiring place to live, work and discover.

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