The UFO tower is one of the most characteristic and dominant features in all of Bratislava. Visiting this traditional architectural monument from the 20thcentury when in Bratislava is a must. Spanning the Danube River this steel bridge has at the very top of its tower the UFO Restaurant, offering mesmeric and unforgettable views of the city, where from a 95-meter height you can take in the entire city stretching out directly below you. And for the adrenalin seekers now you can catch Bratislava from a completely different perspective on the UFO Skywalk.



Some people travel abroad to see historical monuments or explore nature. Others go to known cities for their fashion and design. This type of tourism is enjoying an increasing interest: more tourists do not want to bring home from their holiday destinations traditional souvenirs but are looking for something more contemporary and practical. It will now be easier to find the latest designs or fashion accessories of local designers in Bratislava and its vicinity with the help of a new tool – the Bratislava Fashion Map 2018.



To speak of Slovak culture and art is to note a tapestry of traditions, customs, folklore, and on the same breath mention its staging under different regimes, and the European context overarching it. Long steeped in an agrarian life while being subjects under the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and then after WWII, as comrades within a Soviet satellite state, Slovaks sought to preserve not only their language but also all those distinctive markings of their culture. On the other hand, the modern art of Slovakia draws influence from both Slovak motifs and European art trends. They chart the course of painting, sculpture, and illustration, and the works of new contemporary artists, such as Noémi Kolčáková Szakállová is. Visiting one of her exhibitions when in Bratislava, is a perfect incentive idea for your congress guests. Her artwork will make you remember the undeniable power of women.

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