Photo credit: Ljubljana Tourism

Get to know Ljubljana and Slovenians through a different angle – believe it or not, the moustache angle!

Indeed, Slovenia’s capital offers a new and special tour that can be organized as an incentive programme for congress visitors – The Moustache Tour.

Ljubljana is widely renowned as a city flourishing in various colours of creativity and arts. As an Open City, Slovenia’s capital welcomes the innovative and unusual approaches to showcase its creative side. When in Ljubljana, any guest should seek the non-conventional ways of spending time and getting to know the city, its history, and its people. The recently established Moustache Tour is exactly that – the unique opportunity to get familiar with one of the youngest and most creative European capitals that never ceases to surprise.

Photo credit: Nea Culpa

Guests to the Moustache Tour get to cycle through the most beautiful streets of Ljubljana. However, no one needs to actually wear moustache themselves. It is enough for the congress guests on this tour to simply embrace the moustache of three important Ljubljana’s people from the past.

Photo credit: Ljubljana Tourism / Aljoša Rebolj

The tour takes on a ride through the lifestyle of architect Jože Plečnik (1872-1957), writer Ivan Cankar (1876-1918), and painter Rihard Jakopič (1869-1943) who all lived in the same historical period and who wore impressive moustache – but of a different style that corresponded also to the difference in their personal and artistic character. Plečnik was disciplined, Cankar was bohemian, and Jakopič was charismatic. But they were not hipsters. They were just three awesome guys with the memorable moustache.

Photo credit: Ljubljana Tourism

These three mustachioed men left their mark on Ljubljana and Slovenia as great artists. The aim of the Moustache Tour is to explore their creative power, the secrets of the city and the features of the Slovenian character. The 3.5 hours unforgettable tour takes to barbershops and to the living and working quarters of each one of the artists, including visits to the International Centre of Graphic Arts (MGLC). The tour wraps up with a Slovenian refreshment and a surprise.

Photo credit: MGLC

The moustache is there where the most daring ideas and ambitions are born. The tour awakens the moustache together with the guest’s imagination and convinces that the moustache are actually something much larger and much more important than the guests would have ever even thought of.

Photo credit: Ljubljana Tourism / Nea culpa / Aljoša Rebolj

Petra Stušek, M Sc., the managing director at Ljubljana Tourism noted at the opening day of the tour: »We, in Ljubljana Tourism, are aware that a modern traveler wants to come in contact with a multi-dimensional cultural beat of a city and with the intense and authentic local experience.« The Moustache Tour certainly provides for a perfect example of the new attractive and innovative traveling experiences for congress guests. It is about the creative, artsy, young, exciting, stimulating and authentic Ljubljana‘s character of the Open City that welcomes the fresh spirit of anything exciting and progressive. This time is about the moustache!

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