For 20 years Ljubljana is hosting the wine route and this year was the 5thLjubljana Wine route organized in the new format of this traditional and well-known event that joins a large number of representatives of Slovenian vineyards and wineries, as well as the local producers of various delicatessen and cultural workers from all over Slovenia. Last year, also some caterers from outside of the city center of Ljubljana and several tourist information centers joined. And of course, tourist service providers related to wine and culinary arts.

Besides the integral offer of Slovenian wines and culinary arts, also a rich cultural and artistic program is organized.

Photo credit: www. ljubljanskavinskapot.si

This year the Grand opening of the wine route started on 16thof June on Mestni trg, in front of the Municipal House. After the opening speech and a short cultural program occurred, and the climax of the opening event, was for the third time in a row, reached with the dive of a chest full of bottles of wine into Ljubljanica river. The Wine Queen together with the mythological Water Man were the ones to do this ceremony. More than 5000 people joined this year’s traditional Wine route and filled the streets of Slovenia’s capital with joy and laughter.

For the wine lovers, another traditional event will happen on 15thof February 2019 in Grand Hotel Union. The 6thSalon of Sparkling Wines will be organized in the spectacular venue of Grand Hotel Union. For more information stay tuned…