5 hotels that offer just about everything

Five new hotel openings caught our attention. Before you book the next location for your event, check out these 5 hotels, that offer just about everything you need for organizing your unforgettable event. In Croatia: Hotel Park Rovinj, New Heritage Hotel in Zagreb and Hotel Princess Jastrebarsko, Hotel O2 in Prague and in Slovenia the Rikli Balance Hotel.

Hotel Park Rovinj

At the same time the construction of the new luxurious Maistra Hotel Park (the EX Hotel Park), in marina’s immediate vicinity, is in progress. The hotel is a modern architectural masterpiece, that adds a special touch to the ancient nearby city center. Although it is placed right across the old town of Rovinj, its beauty does not challenge that of the town, but compliments it, making a one of a kind symbiosis come to life.


New Heritage Hotel

The grand building, built between 1921-1923, now an upscale hotel, will carry a ‘Heritage’ label, and its story will be interwoven with urban Zagreb flair through interior design, facilities and features, making a stay in the hotel a complete accommodation experience. The new upscale hotel has an eclectic style, reflecting its century-old charm from the Secession and Art Deco eras. Art nouveau elements are interpreted in a modern fashion, serving as the hotel’s starting point for defining its visual identity. In successfully combining tradition with luxury, the hotel’s emphasis is placed on hospitality with the guest as the centre of the story.


Hotel Princess Jastrebarsko

Hotel Princess, a 4-star category hotel, has 82 Deluxe rooms among which 5 rooms are specially desgined for guests with disabilities. Hotel also offers 9 luxurious apartments with kitchenettes and two theme apartments (Romantic and Royal suite). In addition, the hotel boasts a restaurant, a winery, a wellness centre with heated pool, four different saunas, jacuzzi, modernly equipped fitness, and 140 parking spots. To follow the modern green and sustainable guidelines the hotel offers also charging stations for electric cars and bicycles.


O2 Arena Prague

The multifunctional centre is being built in the space of so-called “small arena” which was built at the same time as the O2 arena – from 2003 to 2004. The new complex which is directly linked to the O2 arena from the south has four floors and a total area of almost 50 000 m2. “Small arena” will have 21 halls of different sizes at disposal in total capacity of 10 000 visitors. The largest hall with a capacity of up to 4.5 thousand people will be used as a space for organizing medium-sized concerts and sporting events. On every floor of the complex, there will be created 13 000 m2 for exhibitions and commercial use. The construction budget is about 1.2 billion CZK.


Rikli Balance Hotel

There are few hotels in Slovenia with such a long tradition and long-standing guests who frequently return to Bled. Following renovation, Rikli Balance Hotel is a classic hotel that gets under one’s skin for all the right reasons. The changes introduced by the recent renovation are welcome, but have not stripped the hotel of its spirit. This is an ideal hotel for sworn lovers of style and a place where time slows down and almost stops, which is perfect for those wishing to concentrate and carry out in-depth work at business events.


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