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The 7th International Storyline Conference – Storyline, The Next Generation, is organised by the Storyline International leadership team and the conference co-organisers MiB, International Education Center from Slovenia. It is estimated that 250 delegates will attend the conference. The conference is intended for educators, researchers, university professors and interested community members from all facets of the global society.

Storyline is a structured approach to learning and teaching developed in Scotland. It builds upon the key principle that learning, to be meaningful, has to be memorable. By using learner’s enthusiasm for storymaking, the classroom, the teacher’s role and learning can be transformed. Storyline is a strategy for developing the curriculum as an integrated whole; it provides opportunity for active learning and reflection as essential parts of effective learning and teaching. At the same time, it develops in learners a powerful sense of ownership of their learning.

Storyline was initially developed by teachers for teachers, and the upcoming conference is being designed by practitioners for practitioners. The conference provides for a place where the participants get the opportunity to experience, discuss, and share common educational questions within an international community of researchers and practitioners from all over the world.

Attendees will get a chance to learn how the Storyline approach can lead to flexibility and good results in the education of children and adults; they will get introduced to the principles and practices of the Storyline approach, they will share experience and current research, examine relevant theories, explore differentiated instruction and integrated, constructivist approach.

The organising team, as noted on their website, decided for the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre as a venue for the Storyline – The Next Generation conference because of: »Its bold objectives, ambitious team and orientation towards sustainable development.«

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