Photo credit: Cankarjev dom

Docomomo, the international committee for documentation and conservation of buildings, sites and neighbourhoods of the Modern movement, every two years organizes an international conference that brings together members and friends from its 72 national Working Parites, as an opportunity for in-depth exploration of an important theme or aspect of the Modern Movement.

This year’s conference will have a unique place and moment in the history of Docomomo International for it is celebrating the 30 years of its existence. For three decades, Docomomo has been putting effort to preserve and adapt the technical, social and aesthetic goals of the Modern Movement – values which have always been intrinsically intertwined with change. Its 15th Conference, held in Ljubljana’s Cankarjev dom – Cultural and Congress Centre (CD) in late August 2018 will, thus, be appropriately titled Metamorphosis – The Continuity of Change and will address the history of Modern Movement transformations.


The conference will host more than 100 lectures, distributed into 18 parallel sets with subthemes spanning over cities, buildings, identities and environment. The multi-disciplined scientific conference is one of the rare international expert organisations that, under one roof, unites diverse professions with a joint care for the development of cities that we live in.

Docomomo Slovenia, the co-organiser and host of the 15th International Docomomo conference, states on its website that Slovenia, Ljubljana and Cankarjev dom present perfect locations for the conference. Namely, change has long been a recurrent theme in the geographical, historical, cultural and political agendas of Slovenia, especially in the last hundred years. Its capital Ljubljana has also undergone many transformations – from an Austro-Hungarian provincial town it has transformed into a well known European city and even the 2016 European Green Capital. And lastly, the Cankarjev dom, designed by Edvard Ravnikar, is part of the Republic Square which represents the heart of Ravnikar’s Ljubljana. Docomomo chose Cankarjev dom for the venue because of its charateristic of the main cultural centre in Slovenia and an example of Slovenian structuralism par excellence.