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Bratislava is beginning to heat up the city’s atmosphere with the biggest city festival, called Cultural Summer and Bratislava Castle Celebrations. The streets will be crowded with visitors attending full of multi-genre programs for residents, but also summer visitors to the capital.

New projects will be ready for spectators, starting on June 4th, as well as festival stars such as Knights on Devín Castle, MusicSquare on the Main Square, the EUROVEA Festival, the International Guitar Festival, the Cathedral Organ Festival, Cultural Summer with minorities and many others.

Summer evenings on the Main Square will be full of versatile music vibes for all tastes in the company of exceptional classical, jazz, folk, world music and other musicians.

The younger audience, and those who still like to get lost in imaginary worlds, will be able to enjoy listening to fairy tales at the Cathedral.

A cycle called “The Fountains come alive” will draw attention to selected fountains through musical productions, express dances and highlight the stories and historical backgrounds associated with the fountains.

Visitors can once again look forward to proven cycles such as Music on the Danube, World Music by the Cathedral, Travel Cinema, Summer Reading Room u Červeného raka, International Bratislava and Bratislava Inline. The program will delight people of all ages, as well as fans of different genres.

For everyone who would like to see more than just the city,  the seasonal shuttle train from Bratislava will be driving to the Small Carpathian region and Neusiedl region in Austria (both ways within 1-hour drive).   The Carpathians begin at the confluence of the rivers, right on the doorstep of the capital of Slovakia. The range of hills is a protected area and is famous for its vineyards on the southern slopes.

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