NetworkTables founder Matthijs Otto and co-owner Querine Lap proudly received ‘The Future of Meetings Award’ again during The Meetings Show in London yesterday. The winner was determined by an international audience of event organizers that voted for the most innovative event tool.

NetworkTables is an international event technology company that makes it easier to meet the right people at large conferences and make networking more effective through an user-friendly online solution for table seating, session registration and 1-on-1 meetings. Last year, the company NetworkTables also won the Future of Meetings Award and in 2016 the Event Technology Award for ‘Best Technology for Building Event Attendance’. The Dutch Startup is on a path of success, by winning three prestigious awards in the event industry in the last 2 years.

David Chapple, Group Event Director of The Meetings Show

David Chapple (Centaur Media plc.): “On behalf of all the team, I’d like to offer huge congratulations to NetworkTables for winning the Future of Meetings Award for the second year running. There is clearly a gap in the market for NetworkTables’ innovative product. One of the reasons the Future of Meetings Award is such a coveted accolade is that the winner is voted for by event organisers from around the world, and so many people voting shows the demand is there for a new way of networking at events. The Future of Meetings Award is a great springboard for tech startups and we look forward to continuing to follow NetworkTables’ progress over the years to come.”

The Future of Meetings is feature created in partnership with the Meetings Design Institute, giving visitors a taste of tomorrow’s technology and the latest tools being launched for meetings and events.

Maarten Vanneste, President, MDI: “It is a great tool to simplify networking at events. It is easy to use and functional.”


NetworkTables is growing fast, the online event tool is used by event organizers in over 39+ countries to increase show-up rate, save valuable time and solve complex event management challenges such as meeting schedules. Taiwan is one of the last countries added to international list.

Matthijs Otto, Founder, NetworkTables: “Because we are growing very fast and are too busy working on new tools that will disrupt the whole event industry, we sometimes forget to celebrate success with the team. Winning three well-recognized awards the last 2 years is a great recognition for our hard work. It gives extra trust to companies that do not work with us yet.”

The future is virtual conferences & meetings

In order for event organizers to stay innovative and ahead of competitors, NetworkTables continuously innovates through working closely with creative event organizers. “Together with event organizers we build innovative solutions for their daily challenges in order to make their events more profitable and their lives easier.” – Matthijs Otto. They expect that Virtual Conferences will disrupt the whole event industry. Already in 2017, NetworkTables adapted their event tool to be able to organize virtual conferences & exhibitions because event organizers of World Business & Executive Coaching Summit (WBECS) asked for it. Last month 34.000 attendees used NetworkTables to participate in the WBECS Pre-Summit through Zoom sessions – a growing video conferencing tool based in the US.

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