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Lake Bled with its idyllic scenery, under the steer of Slovenian Olympians

How would you feel if you were to be taken on an incentive programme that involved rowing with the Olympians on Lake Bled? Yes, everything is indeed possible when in Bled. If a group has no skills in rowing, fear not – each one is individually taught, so participants will get to learn the basic rowing skills in professional racing boats, accompanied by Slovenian rowing Olympians. The crew consists of eight people, demonstrating a balance between individual strength and team performance. This unique experience will allow your team to feel the physical, mental and emotional aspects of working together to move a boat efficiently and with speed.

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Take the “Pletna” boat if you’ve resolved to visit the island whilst at the same time wishing to enjoy the breathtaking scenery then it goes without saying that taking a “Pletna” boat is a must! These traditional wooden boats have been ferrying visitors to the island since the 16th century, with the respected profession of oarsman handed down through the generations ever since, each one teaching the next the special technique of how to row whilst remaining standing, an art mastered only by the few.


Hop on a horse-carriage If the urge has grabbed you to wander around Bled and its lake or up to the castle, but the idea of a strenu­ous walk is putting you off, then luckily you can hop in a horse-carriage and a coachman, known locally as the “Fijaker”, will be happy to take you around the trails. Open carriages have long been a tradition in Bled and the carriage drivers cannot be just anyone, as this is another profession that passes from generation to generation. A son inherits it from the father, who took it from his father, and before that from…you get it. The Bled “Fijaker” therefore carries on the tradition, one of which is the clothing – black hat, white shirt, a vest embroidered with carnations from the Gorenjska region and jackets and blankets in a burgundy-red color.

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Discover the local cattle herding traditions – spend the day in the Triglav national park
In Bled, surrounded by its inspirational landscape, you are encouraged to go green when choosing an incentive programme too. You can decide on a day in the Triglav National Park, where participants get to discover the local cattle herding traditions. Looking for some time to enjoy some fresh air, perhaps? Then go for the Rikli adventure, including a night at the “Gozdne vile” (Forrest Fairies) glamping huts and other outdoor activities. There are limitless options of what to see and do in Bled – all you have to do is choose your favorite!

Garden Village Bled
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