About Alushca

Alushca qualified as a tourist guide for the Western Cape of South Africa in 2010. She became a member of the Cape Tourist Guides Association committee in 2011 and served as CEO until 2013. She remains on the committee with responsibility for Public Relations. She is involved with a personal initiative called Cape Tourist Guide Connection and assists with the South African Tourism Services Association Secretariat.  Alushca is also a member of the Board of Directors of Cape Town Tourism. She was elected to the WFTGA Board in 2015 and appointed as Administrator.  Alushca was elected WFTGA President in 2017.

The Association Meetings Programme is designed to informally network with ICCA Members and Association Executives and learn from each other and the top faculty of experts about bidding, designing, organising and promoting international association meetings. It took place in the beautiful capital of Slovenia: Ljubljana from 9-11 July.


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