Many event managers are familiar with the following situation: The event is prepared, all important steps have been implemented according to the action plan and timing. Nevertheless, this slight feeling of insecurity remains – comparable to the stage fright of actors and speakers.

Which imponderables could occur?

Bad weather variant was taken into account, traffic situation planned.

But what about security?

Escape routes, escape routes, security personnel, official regulations, occupational safety, fire protection, storms, floods – a real safety jungle to overcome.
For this situation, VOK DAMS, the agency for events and live-marketing, has developed a new offer for its clients – the VOK DAMS SAFETY CHECK – based on its many years of international experience.

Already in the first planning phase of the event, VOK DAMS SAFETY CHECK offers comprehensive security consulting – individually tailored to the customer’s event. This individual package of measures can be implemented either by the client or by the agency. VOK DAMS SAFETY CHECK means detailed analysis and practical solutions to increase safety and avoid additional costs.

Christian Schlüter

“Our experience in numerous projects has shown that the topic of safety must be an integral part of planning. With VOK DAMS SAFETY CHECK we take care of everything that makes events safer. Even if there can be no 100% security, we can ensure that security has been comprehensively considered – better safe than sorry,” says Christian Schlüter, Chief Growth Officer VOK DAMS.