Prekmurje, the most exciting part of Slovenia, is a part of the Pannonian plain. Here you will experience the sentiment, the joy, and the hardship of the “people from the plains”. Since people from Prekmurje live a good distance from central Slovenia, they are even more hospitable when they get a visit. Our “Gibanica” (Prekmurian layer cake) programme is a combination of Prekmurian melody, outstanding cuisine, a modern business environment and a broad set of various incentive programmes.

Moments of Zen

Pannonian sentiment

Quality time

Listen to the mill on the Mura river and take a look at how the best flour is produced

Must see

A stork in its nest

Must do

Indulge yourself with the delicious layer cake known as the Prekmurska gibanica

Our pick

Kodila ham production



10:00 Arrival at the Graz or Zagreb airport
11:30 Arrival at the hotel Livada Prestige
12:00 Rafting on the Mura River – Round trip
Rafting on the romantic Mura River guided by experienced competitors in kayaking and canoeing on wild waters. At the last functioning mill in Veržej (the Babič mill) you will be served lunch known under the name “büjraška malica”, which includes regional specialties like pajani krüj, zasika, česnek and žganica.

15:00 Visit to the beekeeper
The Bee’s Castle is an ecological beekeeping farm in the beautiful nature of the Goričko nature park, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You will observe the beekeeper’s work, the life of a bee family and get to know how honey “gets” from the flower to the table.

17:00 Arrival at the Hotel Livada Prestige, Sava Hotels & Resorts

17.30 Quality time! Relax in the black thermal mineral water, known for its therapeutic effects, particularly on rheumatism and musculoskeletal system problems, as well as on general well-being.
19:00 Gibanica
The Prekmurian layer cake is a peculiarity among desserts and is considered to be a Slovene national culinary specialty. It prides itself with the European label Traditional Speciality Guaranteed. Learn how to make the best one.
20:00 Dinner, Prekmurje style


08.00 Breakfast, Prekmurje style
09:30 Visit of one of best preserved houses in Prekmurje and a meeting with craftsmen from Prekmurje: a potter, a roofer, a pumpkin seed oil producer and a genuine ham producer from Prekmurje.
12:00 Lunch a tourist farm
14:00 Transfer to the airport

Getting there:The motorway to Prekmurje was built only recently. Now getting from Ljubljana to Murska Sobota is no longer an odyssey, but a hop, skip, and a jump.
Accommodation:Hotel Livada, Sava Hotels & Resorts
Eat and drink:Tourist farms with authentic local food
Gateways:The Mura river connects the Slovenian region of Prekmurje and the Croatian Međimurje.