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The event organized by Team Phoenix is again organizing the “Become a better version of yourself” event at the Grand Union hotel. The four themes to be discussed this time are: health, happiness, love and wealth. The four pillars and the foundation for becoming a better, realized individual, that is able to live a happy life at it’s fullest.

Viktor Engel, personal coach, will talk about stress. More accurately, how to get reed of stress. As he claims, that is the most important aspect for achieving your goals and to live a happy life. With many years of experience as a therapist, a personal coach and a connoisseur of nutritional supplements, Viktor stress that from all the other factors in life that we can control, the absence of stress is the only one that can help you achieve your dreams. Damir Lisca, founder of Vision 21 and mentor, currently building a global business in 16 countries of the world, with over 2,000 people in its organization. He will talk about the meaning of the combination of health and business that together bring a free lifestyle, that we all crave for.

On the topic of happiness Snježana Ristič, DreamBuilderCoach and LifeMasteryConsultant will talk about manifestation and transformation of dreams to reality. Jaka Jug – Jackfree, coach, mentor, and entrepreneur, will hold an inspirational and motivational speech “Wake up and live free”.

Love, the force of the universe, people need love, like the fish, need the water. About love, how to achieve it and how to keep it, Tanja Pia Metelko, an NLP coach, master coach, and mediator will be held a speech »The promise of communication«. Marija Klincov, medium, and therapist, will explain that we are more than a physical body and that it is important that we »Become free from the prison that we live in«.

And the last two speakers will cover the topic of wealth: John B. Guaman, mentor, and entrepreneur will share “The secrets of successful entrepreneurship”, and Blaž Posinek, mentor, and founder of Team Phoenix, who will share his thoughts on “Money management”.


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