Photo credit: Conventa Crossover 2018

Yesterday, on the first day of Conventa Crossover 2018, two of the attendees expressed their admiration and gratitude for the event that has been reshaping the scene of events in live marketing in the region of New Europe. We talked to the head and to the marketing manager of the Ljubljana Convention Bureau, Jan Oršič and Tatjana Radovič respectively. Thank you both, we LOVE you, too! :)

Q: What does the Conventa Crossover conference mean to you?

The Conventa Crossover Conference is one of the best examples of how many different events there are and the fantastic level of creativity which is needed to create them. For us, it is the place where suppliers meet organisers, clients and event producers.

Q: Why would you recommend the Crossover to others?

We see Conventa Crossover in its self a yearly experiment on how to do a different event. It is the event which is not just talking, but puts un-conferencing into practice and as a special place where for two days we interact with people who are behind some of the most original and creative events in the region and Europe.

Q: What makes, in your opinion, for a successful and effective event?

Paraphrased as a cooking recipe, we would say that you take a clear vision, add fresh and quality content,  season it with a good story and sprinkle innovation across it. Serve it hot with spicy executional excellence.

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