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Experience socialism as a bit of European exoticism! If you have never experienced socialism first hand, this incentive programme offers you the chance to see and experience Slovenia in a completely different way. The journey will reveal some of the most typical features of the socialist period, during which you will be able to admire its architectural styles and see the way of life once lived behind the Iron Curtain. You will experience the 25th May, the Day of Youth, and will be introduced to the highlights of Yugoslav design as well as culinary, lifestyle and motoring fads.

Moments of Zen

Visit to Vila Bled, Tito’s former residence

Quality time

Walking tour through Ljubljana’s modern architecture


Must see

Brdo pri Kranju, Tito’s former residence

Must do

Admission to Pioneers into Juniors in Velenje


Our pick

Miracle of Socialism, Tito’s Velenje – life in the period of companionship and “rebellion”

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DAY 1: Socialist realism

10:00 Arrival at Ljubljana airport
11:00 Bicycle tour of modern Ljubljana
An exploration of the urban streets, places and buildings that reveal Ljubljana’s modern architectural character. It is Edvard Ravnikar to whom Ljubljana owes her modern look, as he was the first to apply Le Corbusier’s architectural and urban-planning principles to the city. You will learn about the basic elements of modern architectural aesthetics.


13:00 Rally of the non-aligned
We will then take our journey into old-timers to set off on a historical drive to the Technical Museum of Slovenia, where we will admire the collection of Tito’s protocol vehicles. You will also get a chance to personally see the Yugo, a car that was derided by the entire Hollywood scene, but that was actually a real “people’s” car.

16:00 Tito’s residence – Brdo
Our rally tour continues on to Tito’s most favourite residence, Brdo. The property, where he hosted politicians from all over the world, was also Tito’s last residence – in January 1980 he went straight from there to Ljubljana’s Medical Centre, where he died on 4th May.


20:00 Dinner at Vila Bled
At Vila Bled you will experience a wine and culinary evening as it was experienced by all the political guests Tito hosted in his favourite residence. After dinner we will watch the legendary movie “Battle at Neretva” in a room where Tito watched movies with his guests.


DAY 2: Non-aligned movement

08.00 Breakfast at Vila Bled
A typical breakfast as Tito would have preferred it is an excellent introduction to exploring the hidden corners of the estate that lies on the shore of the most beautiful lake in the world.

09:00 Made in Socialism
The most famous Slovenian trademarks blossomed during the socialist period. We will take you to the birthplace of one of the most renowned trademarks in the world, the Elan skies, after which we will continue our journey in an old-timer bus to visit Tito’s Velenje, a monumental city that best represents the former Yugoslav economy and vision.

11:00 Velenje – Experience socialism
The city built by the graft of hard working men will reveal itself to you in a very unique way and you will be a unique part of creating a complete impression of it: if you belong to the younger generation you will acquire important knowledge in better understanding socialism’s heritage, whilst for others it will revive memories of the days growing up either in a socialist society or in a world with socialism as a big part of it.

14:00 Underground adventure
After this we will for a short time put on a mining helmet and delve beneath the surface of the earth to set off on the interesting path of the once active galleries of the Škale cave, which are today part of the museum. As part of a teambuilding programme you will learn about the traditional mining values of comradeship, solidarity and unselfish aid.

17:00 Socialistic foodism
Tito was considered a great esthete and indeed some kind of a “socialist foody”. He admired the beauty of the Logarska Valley and therefore loved staying at Pension Plesnik there. He especially appreciated the famous local sausage that kings, presidents and former political elite have also loved for its exquisite taste. On arrival to the Logarska valley we will treat you to the legendary sausage, “the Savinjski želodec”, and prepare you for the evening teambuilding exercises.

18:30 ‘Slovenia, my country’
We will then continue the evening with the photo safari, where you will look for the traces of marketing history. You will shoot a continuation of the famous advertisement, “Slovenia my country”, which was recorded right in the picturesque Logarska valley.

20:00 Nostalgic Cockta bar in Hotel Plesnik
We will end our tour with a cold buffet, introducing you to some typical culinary and some food and drink brands that continue to impress consumers in the region, a typical example of one such socialist brand being Cockta, in which you yourself will have to prepare your own winning cocktail.

DAY 3: Departures

09.00 Transfer to the airport, with the possibility to extend the stay in the wellness centre.

Getting there:Airport Jože Pučnik Ljubljana
Accommodation:Boutique hotels: Vila Bled in Hotel Plesnik
Food and drink:Brdo estate, Vila Bled, Hotel Plesnik, different locations on the road as well world-class culinary strongholds.
Gateways:The programme includes visiting some of the most beautiful tourist icons of Slovenia, which in the past delighted both visitors and the top politicians of socialism.

We start in the European Green Capital, continue in the Alpine pearl, experience a plot in the currently most beautiful Slovenian town of Velenje and witness a disentanglement in the picturesque Logarska valley.

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