Photo credit: Penta PCO

For more than 25 years Penta DMC&PCO is helping corporate clients to achieve their targets with our know-how, expertise, and commitment in MICE organization. Knowing exactly what is the mindset of the clients in every line of business – this knowledge helps them create tailor-made incentives with a touch of class. Their goal is to “deliver on a promise“ resulting in repeated clients coming back for years.

Photo credit: Penta DMC & PCO

Q: What makes the perfect DMC?

A perfect DMC makes both agent and client feel like they are in good hands because your face radiates “can do attitude“. A perfect DMC knows all the answers in advance, without questions being asked, anticipation and being ahead is a way to success. Speedy answers by emails add to the general safe feeling like this  DMC  is here for me 24 hours.

Q: How do you see the job of DMC in changing?

Thanks to the internet, most of the direct clients book hotels directly and it can not be avoided. Questions like: why would I need a DMC? – is a frequently asked question. More and more the agents realize a restaurant or a venue can have a perfect website but there is a DMC to tell what is good and what is not so recommended. We are having struggle proving to the large companies’ purchase departments that apples and pears cannot be compared, and sometimes good programmes fail because of that, so most of the DMC’s quote dinners as from 12 EUR and then later you have a boomerang effect of displeased clients.

We are coming back to this word of mouth recommendation and it is changing for the better. One of my agents said – well, a good website of a DMC adds to the general idea, but essential is that feeling of professionalism that is crucial and it is expressed in every way – even in the dress code during a fam trip, dinner, event.

Q: What do you enjoy most about meeting planning?

Everything is dear to us, from the first presentation and cost sheet to invoicing but the nicest part is being there for them, on-site, reading from their eyes, from gestures, from sighs, from wow’s to oh’s if any. Working with people is the most thrilling part of it and „being born to please“ is a wonderful way to execute your „I love my job“ attitude. People feel it and it is a mirror-mirror thing.

Q: What would your readers be surprised to know about you?

We are truly a family, helping each other when needed, caring about each other, and being led and supported by two wonderful and knowledgeable gentlemen who know everything about tourism is very rewarding. We are an inspiration to each other, we have this “when I grow up I wanna be like you“ feeling. Teambuildings we do, mutual work on a congress or event, having dinner together, participating in organized races/runs and green actions is a common thing for us. We are a company built by individuals who are very different in characters, but we breathe as one and we do blend in.

Photo credit: Penta DMC