There is no magic stick in creating memorable events. And you can not just hold your fingers crossed and hope your event will work out right

On 8thand 9th November, Conventa Trend Bar will visit Bucharest and Sofia. You will not get a magic stick, but you will for sure gain the information you need for your event to succeed.

Conventa Trend Bar 2017

Succeeding in event management takes up-to-date knowledge. To create a memorable and unique event that will leave the participants speechless takes an event planner to be aware of every single detail; knowing the participants’ habits, being informed about the techniques of moderation and interaction, and last but not least, knowing the technological and other future trends.

And that is not all. Knowing the providers, knowing the venues, being in the flow with trends and most of all knowing the people, those who you can do business with, as well as your competitors.

All your questions on what it takes to create an unforgettable event will be answered, and the latest knowledge on event management will be shared by the regional event veteran Mr. Gorazd Čad, editor-in-chief at Kongres Magazine and a co-creator of Conventa, the biggest trade show in the region.

At the Trend Bar in your town, he will also thoroughly explain the concept of Conventa Experience, the biggest trade show in the region, that everyone who counts in the business of MICE attains. Conventa is connecting the local regional exhibitors with the international event planners successfully for the past decade.

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