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Istria Wine & Walk

The wine and nature enthusiasts can discover the beautiful northwest of Croatian Istria, the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, through a special series of Wine & Walk adventures organised by Colours of Istria. Istria Wine & Walk, a treat combined of 11 km of an inspiring walk, meeting first-class Istrian winemakers, local producers and caterers and delighting in several tasting stops, is an inspiring eno-gastronomic event.

The event starts in Buje, where the participants get their tasting glass, a map of the trail, and board a minibus that takes them to the first stop. The first stop is at the amazing, half a century old Santa Lucia vineyard, the starting point for the wine and walk tour of the vineyards and olive groves. Istrian winemakers and other local producers greet the wine enthusiasts with luscious culinary treats and divine wines at every 2km of the trail. Participants enjoy the straw-yellow shades of Istrian Malvasia and ruby colours of red wine. The secret of these wines’ enjoyable, potable flavour is in the white soil the participants walk on, in the sunny vineyard slopes they pass by, and in the pleasant breeze that follows them on their way.

Along the eno-gastronomic offer, the participants have the advantage to savour the natural beauties of northwestern Istria. They are taken to a lookout from which they can zoom in on the Ćićarija tops and the sea in the distance, as well as to the Škarlina Nature Park and its unique creeks and small lakes. Not just nature, also art is on offer. Namely, the participants visit the »Tigor’s Friends« exhibition in the Tigor Gallery and 2 wine cellars nearby Brtonigla.

The Wine & Walk tour wraps up in Buje, where the participants continue their eno-gastronomic experience with live music and celebration long into the night. There it is also possible to buy the wines that one is thrilled by, as well as some other products to make sure to remember this walk in all the colours of wine.

The Wine & Walk offers tastings of the wines of Novigrad paired with typical Istrian dishes

Another option, similar to this one, takes the participants to beautiful walks along the sea, through the vineyards and olive groves. The Wine & Walk by The Sea adventure begins with a stroll along the sea and Novigrad’s Medieval walls to the old harbour of Mandrač in the very heart of the old town centre. Here, the participants find the first wine & food point in a local wine cellar with decades of tradition.

After the tasting, they continue along the trail, which runs partly along the coast and partly through the vineyards, olive groves, and other beautiful natural location on Novigrad’s hinterland. On this walk, too, they meet the winemakers whose wines they can taste alongside delicious gourmet treats. The Wine & Walk by the sea offers tastings of the wines of Novigrad paired with typical Istrian dishes like seafood and handmade pasta with heavenly sauces at the numerous wine and gourmet points along the 10 km route that astonishes.

In one of the seaside olive groves, the attendees have the opportunity to taste the region’s world-class olive oil, while at some vine & food points, they are greeted by an entertainment and music programme. And, of course, it all wraps up with a party. Innovative and enjoyable.

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