Braindate was created to help people connect with and learn from one another in a meaningful way — based on shared interest and expertise. Participants organize one-on-one or small group discussions together by sending meeting requests based on topics in the Braindate topic marketplace while at an event. The recommendation algorithm helps you find the right people. Participants meet in person for one-on-one or group conversations at the Braindate Lounge, where the team of onsite Learning Concierges hosts their experience.


Brella is the leading networking & matchmaking platform for events and is trusted by Google, TechCrunch, Informa and many other events worldwide. Networking is a huge driver for attendance, which is why the app focuses 100% on connecting the right people together in a simple and professional way.

Brella’s unique and robust matchmaking algorithm gives each attendee a tailored list of their best matches and gives them a platform to book face-to-face meetings for the event itself. Registration and completing their profile takes only a few minutes and then they can book meetings with a few clicks. Once a meeting is booked, they can chat with each other and discuss an agenda. Organizers gain valuable data on the top interests of the event which helps them improve their next event. It’s real-time business data that eliminates speculation. The developers also work with the organizer to create an effective plan to drive attendees to Brella and increase engagement pre-event.


Shapr is an app for professional networking. Shapr uses the users interests, goals and professional background to introduce professionals up for a cup of coffee. Whether exploring a career change, looking for cofounders for your company, hiring a team or just hoping to meet others at a similar place in their career, Shapr will get you out of your daily routine and building meaningful relationships.

Using Shapr is incredibly easy – you just sync your LinkedIn profile or answer a few quick questions on your professional priorities to get started. From there, Shapr does the work for you of finding the most talented and inspiring people in your area to meet. Just swipe right on the profiles that catch your eye – when the interest to connect is mutual, a match is made and you can use a prebuilt icebreaker or write your own to start the conversation.