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Last time we visited Prekmurje was in 2015, when we felt the sentiment of the people of the plains, Pannonian melancholy and joy. We visited the Prekmurje region again in order to check the status of their offer for congresses, meetings and events like incentive trips.

We must admit that the offer has made great progress and is quickly adapting to the needs of the market. They are slowly renovating and improving hotel facilities. Prekmurje got its first attraction – the Vinarium, which became a hot spot for tourists. We are pleased to see that the gastronomic offer is becoming more and more sophisticated. Below we have collected some fresh ideas that you can include in your event. We divided them into four sets and added some culinary and logistical tips. Prekmurje will not leave you disappointed. We recommend you visit the region before it is overrun by crowds of tourists.

Photo: Jošt Gantar

Among all the programs, we especially highlight the Gourmet Over Mura project. This is the hottest culinary story of seven top-level providers, which each by themselves could be the reason for an incentive trip. The providers are connected through family tradition, history, knowledge, cuisine and the passion for sharing their love for the region that is written in their hearts. This, in fact, is exactly what today’s incentive trip organizers are looking for.

“Gourmet in Mura” is conceived as a culinary excursion, which you can customize according to your wishes. You will visit the homestead Firbas, Marof Winery, Kodila ham factory, Bevog brewery, Rajh tavern, Steyer winery and Kocbek oil mill.


Bevog Microbrewery

Vasja Golar will impress you with a story well known to regional beer lovers. In his brewery in the middle of the Austrian plain, not far from the border with Slovenia, you can sample the beer, which is ranked as no.1 in various tests. You can organise guided tasting, where you will sample 6 beers and go on a tour of the production facility.

Lušt Tomatoes

Tomatoes Lušt became a famous Slovenian brand. Here you can see how the tomatoes are grown in a greenhouse. There are over 100 varieties growing here. You can even taste the tomatoes in the newly refurbished tasting center. You will need a good hour to go round the greenhouse and for tasting.

Ham producer Kodila

Prekmurje ham is protected by a geographical indication. You can take a look at how the production takes place by the use of a ripening machine. In addition to the drier under the straw roof, this year’s novelty is the expanded restaurant “Meet Meat” with a fairytale garden where the chefs Jan and Daniel create the most delicious food. The emphasis is on traditional meats and steaks, which come literally from production to the table. Excellent for larger groups.

Passero chocolate factory

In the heart of Pomurje you will find an excellent rural chocolate bar where you can meet the masters of chocolate art. A small shop with home-made delicacies, where you can meet with guests at Passero’s, is also at hand.

“Zeleni Gaj” culinary start-up

Since May 2018, the cooking hobs in Fokovci have been working flat out. The house from the 70s has a retro-equipped dining room, where you will be welcomed with a “good-quality sprinkler”. Authentic Prekmurje dishes prepared using local ingredients will be created by the young chef Boštjan Berke.


A ride along the romantic river Mura

Descent along the romantic river Mura. The guides are experienced kayaking and canoeing competitors in wild waters and have great experience on the River Mura. Lunch is served at the last working mill in Veržej (Babičev Mill), a Büyrian lunch: fried potato, sorrel, garlic, and a lot of meat.

Flying with Peter Podlunšek

The top Slovenian pilot has flying in his blood, which he proved in four Red Bull Air Race flying seasons and during two years in the most prestigious class of masters. Even after his “retirement” you can meet him at his favourite airport in Murska Sobota and enjoy Prekmurje from a bird’s eye view.


Pottery in Filovci

The Filovci are known as a unique phenomenon, since there is no other village in Slovenia that would have a more varied village pottery tradition. At the outdoor museum you will be become familiar with the rich cultural heritage of this cottage industry. During your visit, Alojz Bojnec will explain everything there is to know about the production of black pottery.


What a human hand can produce from a corn and a rod, you can see at Pomelaj’s Handicraft Center. Pomelaj’s products are hand-made, natural, local, socially responsible, imaginative and useful. They are manufactured by persons with disabilities within the employment center. They originate from the autochthonous variety of Prekmurje corn.


Trekking through Goričko landscape park

There are 600 km of marked cycling routes and 100 km of hiking trails in the area. Slightly hilly winegrowing areas are not too demanding, and you will be rewarded with intermediate rests for refreshment, as the doors of wineries, wine cellars and farms are wide open.

Goričko, Prekmurje

Discovering the universe

Hanging out under the starry sky in the company of a teacher of physics is a special experience in Prekmurje because of the low light pollution. Through mythological and astronomical stories, the mysterious and boundless universe will be explained.


If you are tired of large resorts and hotel complexes, the best choice is Hotel Terme Vivat, which despite its solid size is trying to maintain the feeling of a small family hotel. The great advantage of the hotel is a combination of their wellness offer, numerous additional content and experience with teambuilding and incentive trips.


You can also accommodate your group in two typical Prekmurje houses. Since they are very popular among tourists, you need to book early to avoid disappointment. Their advantage is that they have a lot of room for teambuilding activities and also a place to host a party.

Prekmurje village Ajda

Typical Prekmurje houses with a modern touch are located within the resort Terme 3000. The houses are located in a park of tall leafy trees in the immediate vicinity of the bathing complex of Terme 3000

Pannonian village

The apartment complex includes 14 straw-covered houses that are built from brick, clay plaster and a straw and hemp cover. The village is in the immediate vicinity of Moravske Toplice and offers the guests a hospitable environment. In the event, a modified hayrack is used throughout the year.

There are many possibilities to create incentive trips of various lengths. It seems as if they are waiting to be discovered by meeting planners. They convinced us, just as the Prekmurje people always impress us with their diligence and hospitality.

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