Photo credit: Maribor-Pohorje Tourist Board


A business guest loving nature should take nice paths along a Slovenian river Drava to reach a natural island ahead of Maribor – the island Mariborski otok, the only Slovenian river island of a kind.

The island Mariborski otok, a unique type of river island in Slovenia, lies about five kilometers from the city centre of Maribor.  The island can be reached by setting off along the nice paths along the river Drava. The island itself is a lively recreational spot.


The island was created by alluvial deposits at the end of the last ice age. In 1951, the Maribor Island was protected as a natural attraction, and today it is also protected as a geomorphological and botanical natural monument.

The island’s former size was around a quarter larger. In 1946, during the construction of the nearby hydroelectric power plant, part of the island was reclaimed by the rising water. A concrete pier with bank protection was subsequently built at the western side in the direction of the power plant to prevent further erosion from flood waters.


One should take the picturesque path by the Drava river either on foot, on a bicycle, or even on roller-skates.


Also the island itself is a pleasant promenade, in the summer season it is particularly lively as on the island there is an outdoor swimming pool complex – the oldest public bath (1927) in the midst of the protected natural environment. The three swimming pools are today still important and much to the joy of the locals and foreign visitors during summer months.

The Nature trail around the island Mariborski otok is intended for all those who want to get to know the natural characteristics of the island: plants and animals, their habitats, and geological and geomorphologic specialties.

The circular path over the island is taken along the existing walking path. Along the Nature Trail, the thematic points point to certain special features and important parts of the island.

Another option is to just listen to nature, enjoy in the distance from the city’s hustle and bustle, and explore the island by oneself.


The island of Maribor is something special due to its exceptionally rich flora and fauna

Owing to its advantageous position, the island is a habitat for forest and meadow plants, which the river Drava brings from the Alps. It is characterized by a large variety of vegetation, as 263 plant species were registered, including about 15 trees and 20 shrubs. The eastern part of the island is covered by bushes and oak and pine trees, while beech and common hornbeam prevail in the western part of the island. In the spring and summer, there are many flowering plants in the forest.

It is also the habitat of many rare and endangered animal species, birds in particular. Ornithological observations have confirmed 75 different species of birds, of which 31 species are nesting on the island. Forest bird species are the most typical of the area, while in winter the island provides refuge for wetland birds. In the vicinity of the island, they also find trout and fish species suitable for the slow flow of the river Drava.

For all of the above, the Mariborski otok presents a perfect Off the beaten MICE track option for any congress guest to the city of Maribor who either loves recreation, nature, animals or just wants to get their own moment of peace and quiet in perfect green surroundings.