The Montenegro Stars Hotel Group, founded in 2003, is a hotel management company that owns and operates three hotels on the Budva Riviera: Splendid Conference and SPA Resort 5*, Montenegro Beach Resort 4*, and Blue Star Hotel 4*. At the beginning, the company was a pioneer in many spheres of the hospitality industry in Montenegro. Today, it presents an important part of Montenegro’s growing attractivity for the international MICE industry. About the Montenegro Stars Hotel and its MICE offer, we talked to its meeting and events manager, Kika Spasenija Purić.

One in five employees is married to a co-worker

Q: The company was only founded in 2003. In the last 15 years it has developed from a pioneer in many spheres of the hospitality industry into one of the most important hotel chains in the region. What is the group’s main modus operandi today?

Hotel Group Montenegro Stars strives to maintain the image contained in its name, but also the name of its largest hotel, the SPLENDID, to always be excellent, splendid – which is not easy at all. We strive to get ahead of the trends, rather than follow them. We have, at the same time, grown into an economically powerful community, organized on humane principles (eg. one in five employees is married to a co-worker) that we have been nurturing with great care.

Q: You are also one of the largest employers in the region. How many people are employed in the hotels?

Out of 7,500 professionals of various profiles that have tried various positions in our first decade, a team of more than 500 staff employed throughout the year has grown. This team creates and sells this business and 90 per cent of them are from Montenegro. The international management era did not last for long and we have grown into one of few big companies building the brand with its own managing structure. I have to underline that all who have worked here have gained the knowledge that paved the way to their further professional development, because the company is the synonym for reliability, professionalism, discretion, and kindness.