In Belgrade, one is up for some really special fun! The so-called Yugoslav history on four wheels, founded and managed by Yugotour, takes a legendary ride with the nostalgic Yugoslavian car: The YUGO! The ride goes all the way from the rise to the fall of Yugoslavia and it gives a taste of everyday life in the former Yugoslavia.

The vintage car drives through the remains of the Yugoslav urban space. The ride gives visitors an opportunity to enjoy an authentic experience of former times. During the ride, music from that period is played, and the visitors get to drink the “Yugoslav Coca Cola” while listening to stories about the ideals, architecture, and history of a nation that no longer exists.

This kind of tour presents the best possible way to learn the history of one country through immersing oneself in the past. As a stubborn car with components from all over Yugoslavia, the YUGO in many ways represents Yugoslavia. The YUGO made outings, riverside picnics, and the Adriatic seaside reachable for all Yugoslavs and is therefore the best means of transport into the legendary past of Yugoslavia.

The tour offers diverse trips: Rise & Fall of a Nation Tour; Architecture Tour; Grand Yugotour; and Belgrade Highlights.