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Vallo is a Bratislava-born architect, urban activist, and musician. He lived in New York during his studies. Living in the USA inspired him in believing that even huge metropolises can change if they have a good plan. Over 70 experts helped him to create the 300-page Bratislava Plan, that made him win the elections. With this plan, he decided to run for Bratislava mayor, with a wish to make the Slovak capital better.

The three main problems of Bratislava in his opinion are transport, greenery and environmental topics, and the third is public spaces.

In the future, we can expect differences in Bratislava transport situation: reducing the number of cars on the streets. One possibility is to make commuting to Bratislava by car the least advantageous alternative. So in the future, we can expect to see a change in parking policy and the improvement of public transport in the city. The tram lines will be extended and express bus lines activated. Also, cycling and walking through the city will be encouraged and enabled through different solutions in urban planning.

As an architect, Vallo understands the meaning of public spaces and how they affect how people behave toward each other and how they feel in the city.

Certainly, Bratislava will undergo a lot of changes according to Vallo’s plan, that will greatly impact the life in the Slovak capital, and hopefully move one more step ahead to make Bratislava stand by the side of Europe’s top capitals.