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For long years the Slovenian culinary pearls were hidden under the Austrian publication. Before the end of the year, the small country, that is developing its culinary scene along with the global trends and with the respect to the local tradition, is getting it’s own Gault & Millau publication.

At the event, the restaurants presented their culinary creations, which were awarded three and four cooking caps. There were also winemakers, from all the Slovenian wine regions, presenting their products. Six restaurants were rated with 4 caps, and 25 restaurants and taverns got 3 caps. At the event the best of what Slovenia has to offer was presented, 27 excellent chefs and wine of 21 top winemakers all in one place made the Grand Union hall a culinary paradise.


The famous Gault & Millau guide rates restaurants worldwide on a scale of 1 to 20, with 20 being the highest. Restaurants given below 10 points are rarely listed. The restaurants are rated based on the quality of the food, with comments about service, price or the atmosphere of the restaurant given separately. Based on this rating, high-ranking restaurants may display one to five toques. Gault Millau does not accept payment for listing restaurants. Until 2004 Gault Millau never awarded a score of 20 points, under the argument that perfection is beyond the limitations of a normal human being. In 2004, Gault Millau changed from employing a permanent editorial and tasting staff to using local agents, two restaurants (Veyrier-du-Lacand  and La Ferme de Mon Père) received this highest scores. Some claim that this reflects a fall of standards in the guide.

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