Photo credit: Graz CVB

Two conference centers, 20 event centers, 19 seminar, and conference hotels, as well as 9 agencies and catering businesses, all presented in a clear and brief form that lets organizers gain a first impression and good overall view of the comprehensive range Graz has to offer.

Customers can use QR codes for direct access to associated websites that lay out detailed tables of room details and photographs of locations for events. Of course, you can also check out all the details via the online Venue Finder on the Graz Convention Bureau website.

It isn’t just the large number of locations that make Graz such an attractive destination for conferences and events, but also, and above all, the appeal and special characteristics of individual spaces that are so popular with organizers and guests. That futuristic Kunsthaus gallery in the heart of the historic city centre, an island floating on the River Mur, a university with more than 400 years of history alongside the very latest equipment for events, a restaurant with a view over the whole of Graz, a hotel with two actual aircraft on the roof and a neo-Baroque opera house with elegant, mirrored foyers.

These locations illustrate the versatility of the city – both UNESCO World Cultural Heritage and the City of Design. Be it modern-trendy or historic-traditional, Graz has the right location for every organizer.

 Graz Convention Bureau aids and supports organizers with regard to all aspects – looking for the right location, conducting site inspections, through the attractive promotional material for decision-makers and on to hotel bookings, accompanying programmes, transfers, conference subsidies and plenty more.