Name: Tina Bizant

Company: GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

Position: Head of Events & Congress Department

Q: What is the best part of your job?

When I was a little girl, I believed I would become a painter or a conductor; I have always admired art in all of its aspects – literature, fine art, architecture … But even though my life path has led me to a completely different way, this passion still remains in my daily life and work. Paying attention to those finest details and conducting the team of people to feel acknowledged and competent to carry out the most challenging projects and clients, is something I do with love, passion and respect to others. Being there to the clients as well, any day, any time, to help deliver the services that are just a little above their expectations, gives me the motivation, the strength and the confirmation.

Q: What would make your job easier?

If I had a magic stick, I would erase all negative approach towards business solutions. With the presence of positive orientation each challenge/job can be done easier and with less stress for sure. But since we live in a real world I have managed to cope with situations and soften the client up with the approach that he needs at the time.

Q: What was your best idea last year?

Realisation that nothing will go wrong if I take some time off just for myself, to fill the batteries.

Q: The most memorable event at your work for you?

It is hard to expose just one event among so many I have been involved in. While working with so many different clients, I have taught myself to find a positive feature/attribute in each one of them. This fulfills my soul with a positive experience and encourages me to tear down the borders that are mostly in our heads and to just move ahead stronger. I must say that I find the most challenging those international events where negotiation skills are highly involved on a daily basis.

Q: What are you most proud of in business…?

I am very proud of my team, of what we have achieved together in the past ten years. We are a very well-coordinated and have grown professionally as well as personally.

The business is growing very fast and the relationships with the clients are genuine and becoming more personal over the years. They trust our judgments, knowing that we will provide the agreed quality service in time.

Q: … and privately?

I am thankful for my family, my parents and my friends. They make me aware of what truly matters in life. Things that I teach my children are the ones I appreciate the most in people – kindness, honesty, loyalty, being helpful and truthful to yourself and to the people around you.

Q: Wisdom/motto?

In order to succeed, you must first believe that you can. Limitations live only in our minds. Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory. Do everything with a smile. A smile is a curve that sets everything straight and disarms even the most “toughest” of opponents.

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