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Teodora Jiilkova will be your local speaker at Trend Bar in Sofia. She will focus on the topic of “sharing experience” and “looking for opportunities”. She will also open the door for a current project she is working on “Meeting culture – Bulgaria”.


A result driven Sales & Business Development professional with a notable track record of securing new business to consistently exceed targets in B2B/B2C sales across multiple geographic regions including  – Europe, Russia, UAE, Far East and Latin America, as well as various industries – MICE, travel and tourism, real estate and property development.

She is certainly a person, who is always looking for new opportunities, believes in the power of meetings and face to face communication, loves travels and adores OUR industry.

Her passion for events started in early 2002, when she was exhibiting at international property shows, selling Bulgarian off-plan projects to the international audience. Starting from UK and Ireland, she kept exploring and adding new destinations to test the grounds.

Teodora’s journey started from the real estate market, going through tourism and adding the finishing touch with being involved in the MICE industry.


“I met Gorazd in 2014, when working for Mash Media in UK. That is certainly an important time for my business life, as had the opportunity to oversee the entire “back office” of the meeting industry! This is how my love about destination marketing has started and it is for sure growing on a daily basis. I feel I have a mission to market Bulgaria as a destination suitable for meetings, I feel it is,  therefore will keep doing everything possible to position the country on the global meetings map.”

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