Photo credit: Matej Lozar

For the first time, the Gault & Millat prepared its culinary guide for Slovenia. The Styrian capital of Slovenia, Maribor, boasts two of its restaurants in the Gault & Millat list. For the cherry on top, both of the restaurants are led by two amazing chefs who are in private lives brothers – Gregor Vračko and David Vračko.

The critics of the world-renowned guide have visited 130 Slovenian restaurants and included the best ones in the world’s culinary map. Thus, the first Slovenian Gault & Millat guide was born. Its announcement on the 20th of November made for an important step for Slovenian gastronomy as it is getting increasingly noticed in the world’s map of fine dining and gastronomy.

Photo credit: Hiša Denk
Photo credit: Mak Restaurant

Gault & Millau, a French restaurant guide and a gourmet community, was founded by two restaurant critics in 1965. It rates the best of gastronomy everywhere in the world. Gault & Millau rates on a scale of 1 to 20, with 20 being the highest. The points are awarded based on the quality of the food, with comments about service, price or the atmosphere of the restaurant given separately. Based on this rating, high-ranking restaurants may display one to five toques.

Photo credit: Maribor-Pohorje Tourist Board

The Maribor’s area is renowned for its great food and culinary delights offered from tourist farms to inns, pubs and all the way to superb five-star restaurants. Through the Gault & Millau guide for Slovenia, the city of Maribor received additional world’s attention for two of its restaurants were ranked among the best Slovenian restaurants. To make things even more interesting, the two chefs in the two restaurants are brothers Vračko. Both of the brothers are renowned for being enfant terribles of the Slovenian cooking scene, for moving borders and for their rebellious stance – they do provide fine dining, but they, themselves, do utterly avoid to be taken as the ‘fine guys’.

Photo credit: Matej Lozar

Gregor Vračko is cooking in Hiša Denk in Zgornja Kungota, a 15 min ride from Maribor.

David Vračko is a chef in Restaurant Mak in Maribor’s city centre.

Photo credit; Maribor_Pohorje Tourist Board
Photo credit: Gault & Millau

Hiša Denk and Mak Restaurant became two of six Slovenian restaurants that received four toques and 17 of 20 points (the winners – Pri Lojzetu and Hiša Franko – received four toques and 17.5 points).

Photo credit: Gault & Millau


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