Kongres Magazine is getting old, it celebrated its 10th anniversary back in 2016. What started out as a coincidence, but at the same time as the realisation of many years of planning, has come to be the regional niche communication agency, specialized in the meetings industry, to which we dedicate many original stories spiced up with creativity and a lot of out-of-the-box thinking.

With age and maturity also comes forgetfulness, which is why we wanted to gather all the issues that Kongres came out with in 2018. A highlight reel of everything that Kongres Magazine has been up to in the past year or an excellent opportunity to remember all the daily news, our in-depth expert articles that we know will definitely come in handy with your own work, as well as weekly dosages of meetologues, incentive guides and other exciting stories.

In 13 years of the magazine’s existence, 73 issues have been published. 8 Kongres issues have been published in 2018, read by over 69,800 event organisers.

All of us at Kongres wish you plenty of reading pleasure with us in 2019 as well,

Gorazd Čad
Editor in Chief