Photo credit: Zone Tezno

In Maribor’s business and industry zone Zone Tezno (Cona Tezno), there are almost 212 companies registered with around 3830 people employed. The Zone, however, is not a new addition to Maribor, but it is rather its well-aged and experienced part dating back to no less than incredible 1941 when the first factory was built in the area.

The Zone’s special and hidden characteristic is, literally, … hidden. In 1943, German owners of the factory built underground tunnels with passages as an emergency site for enabling continuous operation of the factory also in the time of Allies air raids.

The city of Maribor was frequently bombed during the 2nd World War, but the tunnels survived. Today, this important piece of Maribor’s heritage can be visited also as parts of incentive programmes.

The underground corridors occupy the area of 8,512 sq m(2.1 acres; 8.5 hectares) at a depth of 15 meters below the surface.

Part of the trenches have been transformed for a tour that has been organised in a collaboration between the Zavod PPC Tezno and agency Rajzefiber. The entrance into the tunnels starts with an impressive set of 90 stairs descending into the underground. The temperature in the corridors is constant – at 12 ° C.

In the guided tour, the visitors see a photographic exhibition from the past and have a walk through the tunnels lead by two guides that tell the story about the factory’s production in the tunnels during the 2nd World War.

The story enables the congress guests to have a special historic experience of Maribor in a different way – in the ‘underground’ way, so to speak, and to be witnesses to the Styrian capital’s integral part that is hidden to the eyes and barely known about.

What a chance for every visitor to be a part of a unique feature of a formerly bombed city!

Best time of the year:All-year-round; cancelled if too rainy or wet (during snow melt).
Duration:90 minutes
Number of participants:Min: 15, Max: 30
Location:Maribor, Slovenia



Address: Gosposka 11, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia