The Meeting Design Weeks, inspired by the content in the acclaimed book “Into the Heart of Meetings” by Eric de Groot and Mike van der Vijver, will be held in 16 different cities on three continents.  The MD-weeks bring a Meeting Design certification Level 1 two-day course to each of the cities. The courses will be open to professionals like meeting planners, corporate communication managers, live communication designers and trainers and consultants. They will have the opportunity to dive deep into the nature of meetings, and how to design them, as well as receiving their very own copy of the book. 
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On top of this, local universities will host a novel Education Design workshop for academic teachers. Finally, the Meeting Design week offers the opportunity to apply Meeting Design on an actual event that is on the agenda in the city. This Meeting Design Kick-Off meeting is open for corporate organising teams. 
A closing network event brings academics and corporates together, to embrace design thinking and empower the creative potential of a city.
Eric de Groot comments that meetings design is a structured process enabling people to deliver better meeting programmes, which will support their meetings to obtain better outcomes. Certified attendees know how meetings work and how to structure them to achieve impact. We want to help professionals as well as educators to grasp the huge potential of well-designed meetings as they are vital to the success of any organisation and the network in which it operates.
David Benitez, Founder of CoCoAcomments, that this will be a week of innovation in business and education where Meeting Design is introduced. Lecturers will benefit from Meeting Design Techniques and will be encouraged to identify, educate and foster Meeting Design talent. There will also be a number of networking opportunities between creative talents in businesses, the university and independent professionals.


Dates announced for 2019 Meetings Design weeks are:

– MEETING DESIGN PRACTICUM – 14-16 Feb, 2019 Milan, Italy
– Workshop Education Design: 13th of Feb, University of Milano, Italy
– Workshop Education Design: 14th of Feb, University of Torino, Italy
– MEETING DESIGN COURSE – Better Meetings course (Level 2) 22-23 Feb, 2019 Bucharest, Romania
– Workshop Education Design: 28th of Feb, NHL-Stenden University, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
– MEETING DESIGN COURSE – Better Meetings course (Level 1) 15-16 March 2019 Amsterdam, Holland
· MEETING DESIGN WEEK – 23-30 March, 2019 Taipei, Taiwan
· MEETING DESIGN WORKSHOP – 9 April Helsinki, Finland
· MEETING DESIGN WEEK – 29 April-1 May, 2019, Dubai
· MEETING DESIGN WEEK – 13-17 May, 2019 Guayaquil, Ecuador
· MEETING DESIGN WEEK – 20-24 May, 2019 Quito, Ecuador
· MEETING DESIGN WEEK – 29-30 May, 2019 Mexico DF, Mexico
· MEETING DESIGN WEEK – 24-26 June, 2019 Madrid, Spain
· MEETING DESIGN WEEK – 2-4 September, 2019 Barcelona, Spain 
· MEETING DESIGN WEEK – 9-11 September, 2019 Malaga, Spain
· MEETING DESIGN WEEK – 2-4 December, 2019 Costa Brava, Spain

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