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One of the most remarkable architectonic monuments of the city of Maribor, Maribor Castle, boasts a rich history. Today, inside its halls, the Maribor Regional Museum, a public museum of the Styrian capital, is set. The premises of the museum can be rented for various events and meetings what means that your guests can meet in the same rooms as famous historic personalities did.


The Maribor Regional Museum, a general museum of movable cultural heritage, is set in the rooms and halls of the Maribor Castle characterized by an extraordinary ambiance full of grandeur. Maribor Castle boasting a noble past, today consists of the administrative court of the sovereign prince, built between the 1478 and 1481, and the North-eastern corner of the city’s defense system (the castle’s bastion and the lodge).

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As it is located in the city centre, this beautiful building is easily accessible, while the historic character of the museum rooms ensures event organisers with a unique setting for special events, particularly fitting if requiring a unique atmosphere signed with stories from the past.


In 1846, Franz Liszt gave a concert in the Festive Hall of the Castle. Other famous people stopped by, as well; for example, the castle was visited by monarchs like the Roman Emperor Leopold I, his son, later Emperor Charles VI and probably his daughter Maria Theresa of Austria as well. The Russian Crown Prince and later Tsar Paul I was a guest of the castle as well, and even Pope Pius VI stayed overnight.

Due to its significant regional role in the past, the Castle still to these days provides imposing rooms and halls where guests can either sit under wonderful fresco ceiling or are surrounded by grand portraits of the nobility in one room or by the medieval armours and arms in the other.

The venue provides seven different rooms and halls for event and meeting organisation. It is possible to either choose among them or to book a combination of them.

The Knight’s Hall, the Rococo Staircase, the Arcades, the Ground Floor of the Bastion, the First Floor of the Bastion, the Castle Courtyard, the Castle Coffee House, and the Castle Greensward, provide for a truly special space for events and meetings among the spirits from the past that impress either with the skills of handling the knight arms or the piano keys. Your guests will truly be enchanted.


Photo credit: Miran M. Hochsetatter / Maribor - Pohorje Tourist Board

Catering can be provided by Regional Museum Maribor’s partners, or the clients can arrange catering through their own partners.


For an incentive programme, a guest at the event held at the Regional Museum Maribor should visit the museum collections that preserve archaeological as well as cultural and historical heritage, which had been gathered from the areas of 23 municipalities.

Photo credit Regional Museum Maribor


Maribor Regional Museum (Pokrajinski muzej Maribor)

Grajska ulica 2, SI-2000 Maribor

Contact person: Ms. Maja Potrč

T: +386 (0) 2 228 35 51




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