It is undoubtedly important to keep our heart and blood vessels healthy and at Radenci Health Resort they are thoroughly taught how this can be best done. Radenci Health Resort is one of the most respected European spas, where, for over 135 years, they have been taking care of a healthy heart, vascular system, spine and well-being of both leisure and business guests.

The conference centre at Radenci Health Resort offers 8 multifunctional conference rooms with modern technical equipment. This is how, under one roof, meetings services, comfortable accommodation in top-class hotel rooms and medical and wellness services, which upgrade business meetings into active breaks, are combined.

Guests particularly look forward to the thermal pools, in which mineral water comes straight from the heart of the Earth. Many studies prove the extremely positive effects of this mineral water on the cardiovascular system, which is an additional reason for hosting MICE events at Radenci Health Resort.


Radenci Health Resort does not offer its spa activities only to regular guests, but with several programmes for improving and preserving health, its services are offered to participants of MICE events as well. The motto of business events at Radenci, ‘a healthy spirit in a healthy body’, is a driving force in the interweaving of meetings and healthcare activities. The beneficial ingredients of the famous mineral water from Radenci are a true elixir of well-being, which is an indispensable element of every successful event.

During MICE events three short treatments with a unique mineral water, directly from the spring are offered in Radenci:

1. The Henn drinking treatment before the start of the event for UPLIFT
2. The Henn drinking treatment during the event for CONCENTRATION AND NEW IDEAS
3. The Henn drinking treatment at the end of the event for ADDITIONAL ENERGY

Drinking treatments may be central or accompanying element of breaks and are carried out in the lobby of the event or in the immediate vicinity of the Healing Spring!


At Radenci Health Resort additional offer during the breaks is provided by experienced lecturers. Within a short 10-minute break they bring, in an interesting and dynamic way, the knowledge and skills that every employee urgently needs with the fast pace of life and growing workloads. Physiotherapists present the correct breathing exercises, proper sitting, body relaxation techniques and other techniques that will fill MICE guests with new energy and inspiration for an even better business focus.