Questions to which the organisers of B2B events should provide the answers

As the organiser of an important regional B2B event I often find myself in a situation where I am encouraged to share examples of good practice with my colleagues and advise them in which part of marketing it is worth investing. Over the past few years I have written down some of my colleagues’ questions and this has resulted in an interesting overview of the criteria, which should be taken into account before making a decision about your participation at the event(s).

1. The promise of unrealistically quick sales results
Marketing in the field of congress activity is not a sprint that brings results overnight, but a demanding and sometimes arduous marathon. Those who understand this are among the most successful in the market. The unrealistic expectations of short-term effects are a major challenge since events are primarily intended to create opportunities rather than direct sales.

2. The ratio of exhibitors to hosted buyers
The golden rule should be a ratio of 1:2. In short, for 100 exhibitors, there should be at least 200 hosted buyers. This allows all exhibitors to fill their schedules with quality meetings. If the ratio is 1:1 or less, it’s time to ask the organisers about the quality of the event.

3. Guaranteed number of meetings
If you are at the event for two days, organisers should provide at least 15 pre-arranged meetings. Such an assurance is directly related to the ratio of exhibitors to hosted buyers. Request a guarantee from the organisers for a minimum number of meetings.

4. Share of new hosted buyers
If the annual number of new hosted buyers is less than 20%, there is a high probability that the buyer base will be exhausted. The job of serious organisers is to bring new buyers to you every year. Ask the organisers for clear information and a guarantee regarding this information.

5. Database
Organisers must at any time provide a guarantee that they manage the data obtained in accordance with GDPR legislation. In addition, they should provide an entire database of buyers attending for your follow-up. The database is the heart of the story.

6. True buyers with an interest in your congress product
If it is a regional event, organisers should provide buyers who have a real interest in your product, as well as, or at least in, the region. This condition is necessary in order to realise concrete enquiries.

7. Measurement of ROI
Event organisers should have clear criteria for measuring added value (ROI – Return on Investment). Among other things, they should make sure they can answer the question about the number of enquiries they have realised at the event.

8. Privatisation of invited guests
Democracy and the fairness of organisers is also reflected in the openness of social events for exhibitors. It is important that all social events are open to all participants to the event, because we support the transparency of relations and are against privatised events, receptions and agreements, hidden from the public. This enables continuous networking of exhibitors and hosted buyers.

9. Experience of the destination
An integral part of successful stories is the experience of fam trips to individual destinations. This greatly increases marketing of the destinations themselves, their visibility, and is proven to increase the interest of the hosted buyers.

10. Marketing on all available platforms
Check out which promotional options, besides the sale of square meters, are offered by the organisers. What kind of promotion is included in the package? Do they offer you free publication of your news in partner media, newsletters, and on social networks?

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