Photo: Jošt Gantar

Producers of TV commercials were the first to discover how camera-friendly Slovenian roads are. Quite a few car brands have introduced the wonders of Slovenia to global audiences this way. Then came the Instagrammers, who keep discovering the most photogenic spots. One thing we’re still waiting for is for them to be discovered by car launch event organisers. Thanks to its geographical diversity, Slovenia boasts some extraordinary roads in a very small area.

We have prepared—handpicked, if you will—a premium selection of the most spectacular among them, which just beg you to take your steel companion down their winding stretches from Alpine peaks all the way to scenic overlooks across the Littoral and Karst regions.

Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik

Vršič Pass

The most famous, highest and most popular mountain pass in Slovenia connects Gorenjska and Primorska. The road leads through the heart of the Julian Alps, featuring 50 hairpins along with spectacular views. The road connecting Kranjska gora with Bovec is especially popular with motorcyclists, as well as among cyclists, who ride it during the annual race across Slovenia.

Length: 25 kilometers
Experience: An Alpine panorama

Photo: Boris Pretnar

Pavličevo sedlo Pass

The road connects two tourism gems: Jezersko and the Logar Valley, the loveliest of our Alpine valleys. The road ascends from the Logar Valley to the highest border crossing in Slovenia, the Pavlič Pass, with an altitude of 1338 metres. Part of the road to Železna kaplja (Eisenkappel) takes you through Austria, but throughout its length you will be rewarded with a well-maintained road and numerous scenic overlooks with views that just demand to be photographed.

Length: 30 kilometers
Experience: An Alpine panorama

Photo: Jošt Gantar

The Road to Predmeja

For rallying fans, this has been the most spectacular of Slovenian roads ever since 1989, when the Saturnus Rally was first held here. The narrow road, cutting through sheer rock, through tunnels and along the edges of cliffs, was built more than a hundred years ago. The 14-kilometer stretch between Ajdovščina and Predmeja has become legendary.

Length: 14 kilometers
Experience: A panorama of the Slovene Littoral

The Road to Rakitna

In close proximity to Ljubljana is a road that runs through the wooded slopes from Podpeč to the karst plateau of Rakitna, which lies at an altitude of 800 metres. Due to the fairy-tale forest and the nicely laid out hairpins, the well-maintained road has become popular with advertising producers. Besides, it is located in the immediate vicinity of Ljubljana.

Length: 12.5 kilometers
Experience: A forest panorama

Photo: Visit Ljubljana

The Predvor–Jezersko Road

Running alongside the Kokra River, this road leads to one of the prettiest mountain villages right in the middle of the Kamnik–Savinja Alps. The ancient route connecting Carniola and Carinthia is very picturesque; Mother Nature seems to have been especially generous here. Once you arrive at the goal, you find yourself in an extraordinary scene that looks like a piece of paradise. If you’re lucky, a herd of sheep will be there to complete the impression.

Length: 20 kilometers
Experience: An Alpine panorama

Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik

The Road to the Mangart Pass

At 2055 metres above sea level, this is the highest road in Slovenia. The road is popular with both tourists and film makers, and even though its last section is currently closed, many still risk a drive to the top. It features 17 bends and five tunnels in 12 kilometres, and it concludes with the famous loop.

Length: 12 kilometers
Experience: An Alpine panorama

Photo: Jessica Dales

The Road to Soriška Planina

According to many, Sorica is one of the most beautiful villages in Slovenia. It is also the most cinematic of them, having featured in numerous films. The road leading from Železniki to Bohinjska Bistrica abounds with spectacular views opening up in every direction. In the right weather, you will be able to see all the way from the Karavanks to Triglav. The road ends on the other side, next to what many consider the loveliest lake in Slovenia.

Length: 30 kilometers
Experience: An Alpine panorama

Photo: Anton Žvanut

Črni Kal–Dekani

The descent from the Karst edge features plenty of scenic viewpoints, of which Socerb Castle is the most famous. The view from here stretches from Trieste with its surroundings, across the Slovenian coast, and all the way to the heartland of Istria. The construction of the motorway lightened the traffic load on the road, making it a veritable paradise for automotive pleasure seekers.

Length: 19 kilometers
Experience: A panorama of the Slovene Littoral


The Temenice–Bogenšperk Valley

The road leading from Šmartno pri Litiji to the Temenica Valley offers genuine driving pleasure. The observation spots let you see far across the Lower Carniola and Zasavje, as well as admire the Alpine peaks. Especially spectacular are the village of Javorje at an altitude of 560 metres and the final landmark at the picturesque, nicely restored castle of Bogenšperk.

Length: 18 kilometers
Experience: Slovenian countryside

Photo: Iztok Medja

The Road to the Ledine Plateau

The steep and picturesque road connects Idrija with the Poljane Valley. The expansive plateau separates the Idrijca and Žirovnica rivers, which have carved a strikingly dynamic relief. Along the way, you are sure to be enchanted by the village of Ledine, one of the most beautiful villages in the Idrija area.

Length: 19 kilometers
Experience: Slovenian countryside

Photo: Marko Šinkovec

This list features a premium selection of interesting roads, but the complete list is much longer and also includes more thematic routes that will take you through wine-growing regions and natural parks and to romantic spots and medieval towns. In Slovenia, this is all wrapped up into an attractive package that the country’s geostrategic position makes easily accessible. Slovenia is like a geopark in the very heart of Europe.

If your intent is to do film or advertising shoots, you often need to pay a municipal fee. In the Municipality of Bovec, for instance, this fee amounts to 400 euros per day. We recommend that you check the municipality’s conditions for issuing approval before organising an event.

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