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The first IPNA Congress ever was held in 1968. Since then, the association has become a world-renowned figure in the field of pediatric nephrology, characterized by close collaboration with regional organizations of the same focus. After cooperation with four European Associations, IPNA is C-IN’s first international association to be managed by the Association Management Department with a membership of 1,500 members.

As the official organiser (Core PCO), C-IN is looking forward to the 19th IPNA Congress in Calgary in 2022. The first opportunity to become closer to the works of the association will be in nearby Venice, where the 18th Congress will take place in October this year.

After a 9 month transitional period of mutual discussions and fine-tuning, the Association’s Secretariat is fully dedicated to the day-to-day agenda. The IPNA Association Manager, Lucie Semanská, is in charge of not only communicating with members and potential members of the Association, but also individual projects – scholarship programs, training courses and seminars, organizing regular meetings of the Association’s management and managing social media and the website. “IPNA is really active and has a lot of projects. It’s great that I can be part of something that has a real impact on the lives of others. IPNA is doing a lot in its activities regarding the developing world, where care for kidney diseases in children is still insufficient. Lucie also appreciates the openness of IPNA management to new ideas and trends. The words of Pierre Cochat, President of IPNA, testify to the mutual cooperation: “I am very satisfied with C-IN, the first months of our “marriage” look great.”

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