Photo credit: Christian Thiess Photography

The stages in Graz again hosted the “Klanglicht” in a particularly multifaceted way this year. From 21.- 23.  April, artists from different nations presented creations of colors, sounds and texts into the night sky.

Curated and organized by BÜHNEN GRAZ, Austria’s unique light, and sound festival is already being held for the 5thtime. Last year more than 100.000 people visited KLANGLICHT and were enchanted – in 2019 light and sound will again find their way into the inner city, into the Theatre Houses as well as public institutions and spaces, and will change the beholders’ perspectives on everything around them in a unique way.


On three evenings, national and international artists at KLANGLICHT transformed the Styrian provincial capital into a truly magical place for the eyes, the ears and the heart with impressive façade projections, fascinating colourful landscapes and enchanting sounds.

At 19 locations in the center, namely the Keiser-Joseph platz, Schauspielhaus, the opera including Next Liberty, Künstlerhaus, Grazer Burg, Freiheitsplatz, Karmeliterplatz, Kastner & Öhler, Murinsel, Hauptbrücke, Stadtpfarrkirche, the Dom im Berg and the Stadtpark, the audience was able to stroll down and admire at free admission. A total of nineteen artistic projects created spectacular and touching moments: meter-high sculptures made of light, a carpet of colours, projections and video installations, text collages, music and fascinating creatures that rise into the air. This years %th edition of this festival also brought a brand-new fast-lane festival pass.

The programme planned for every location was continuously shown on all three nights from 08:30 p.m. until 11 p.m.

Klanglicht is a festival founded by Bernhard Rinne, head of Bühnen Holding, in collaboration with XAL, a leading company for the manufacturing of light and lighting systems.