Photo credit: EventMobi

EventMobi presented its first new product feature in 2019, which will be released at IMEX in Frankfurt. Appointment Booking is the latest addition to the award-winning EventMobi event app, allowing users to easily book 1:1 meetings with each other or with exhibitors at conferences.

With the introduction of this sought-after feature, EventMobi honors the importance of networking as one of the main driving factors for event attendance. By making it even easier to arrange face-to-face meetings at events, organizers can ensure that attendees get the most value out of their event experience.

“Traditionally, interactions between attendees were random and serendipitous. But since face-to-face time is such a crucial factor in an event’s success, planners need a way to enable for more intentional connections. With Appointment Booking, networking is made easier and measurable,” says Bob Vaez, CEO of EventMobi.

The new tool was designed to be intuitive to use and allows event app users to book a meeting in only two steps. An attendee just needs to locate a specific person in the attendee list and send a meeting request via the in-app chat feature. The respondent then receives an email or push notification allowing them to either accept or reject the invitation. If accepted, appointment details appear in the agendas of both parties.

For planners, networking success becomes easier to measure. In their analytics dashboard, organizers can see in real time how many meetings were booked. Of course, details such as meeting participants, time and place remain private and are only visible to those attending the appointment.