Photo credit: Vuglec Breg



In the impressive hidden region of Croatia, Zagorje, lies a unique tourist village Vuglec Breg, where the Vuglec family have transformed the heritage of their ancestors into a magnificent green relaxation oasis. The owners have attended to every detail; there you can find everything from stables and a little pond, to a tennis court and football fields, not to mention the gorgeous view over the surrounding hills, of course. Each of the six autochthonous houses is named after its former owners and they have all been renovated, both inside and out, in a sympathetic way that suits contemporary standards of comfort. The main building holds a restaurant and a wine cellar as well as a seminar hall for up to 60 people and a meeting room for up to 30, which makes the location perfect for a business event or the launch of a new product, or it can either serve as venue for an intimate wedding or any other celebration.

Photo credit: Vuglec Breg


With a long tradition and true dedication, the core business of the company Galić is the production of grapes and wine, while their newest project is tourist oriented. Galić wines have been awarded many times, which confirms the company’s dedication to quality and its owner’s motto “Love of wine is our inspiration and key to success”. Most impressive of all is their new winery in the heart of Kutljevo, which is a truly exquisite contemporary winery for grape processing with a production capacity of up to 330,000 litres. The latest technology and equipment not only serve the owners, but also contributes to the development of the whole region and presents a new tourism potential. For the impressiveness of the building the architects Tomislav Čurković and Zoran Zidarić from Dva arhitekta deserve special credit, as the building is seen as the winery of the future.

Photo credit: Vinarija Galić


Stancija Kovačići is situated below Mount Učka and above Opatija – as the owners say, in the perfect balance of sea and mountain. The internal capacities of the three dining rooms can serve up to 70 guests and the outside terrace seats 40, while there are five 4-star rooms for overnight accommodation of guests, that is one single and four double rooms. The chef patron Vinko Frlan has gained broad culinary knowledge in the region, which is the main reason why his cuisine is Mediterranean and seasonal. His devotion to cooking is complete, since in his words, his dedication and effort are vindicated when his guests understand him and enjoy the experience. Frlan also runs cooking courses and is especially proud of his freshly made pasta and bread.

Photo credit: Stancija Kovačići