Angeles Moreno

Strategic Development Senior Advisor at MPI

Angeles Moreno, an experienced meeting professional with a track record of industry engagement, is an entrepreneur and a Certified Event Designer with a wealth of experience in the international markets. She is the Strategic Development Senior Advisor at MPI Europe and past MPI Chapter President for the Iberian Chapter. Angeles leads the Event Design Collective in Spain and is based in Madrid. She is founder and CEO of the Creative dots, a consultancy company specialized in the meetings and events industry.


Q: Why do we need to rethink the way we organise our events?

It is necessary for companies to innovate in the design of events and promote the development of skills that allow them to offer transformational experiences: it is necessary to think about generating emotions that go beyond the basic service, to create personalized experiences of the highest quality that contribute to consolidating sustainable competitive advantages and to generating lasting and trusting links with stakeholders. In short, to elevate the event from a logistic project to a strategic project.

Q: What is wrong with the format of events as we have them now?

In relation to the previous answer, I believe that it is no longer enough to plan events, it is necessary to create unique, memorable experiences that provide a differential value. In order to do this, it is necessary to analyse and design the why and for what of the event before jumping to planning and execution. The main objective of the event must be to change the behaviour of its stakeholders and for this we must know and empathize in depth with those stakeholders.

Angeles Moreno_Design WEC22

Q: What is the definition of good event design?

Good event design means aligning and identifying the stakeholders involved in the event. Then empathise with their respective needs before and after the event and identify the behaviours associated with their Jobs to be done. By articulating the change, defining the design frame and then prototyping solutions in a rapid sequence.

Q: Who is an event designer?

An Event Designer requires very specific professional knowledge and skills. It is necessary to be an expert in designing valuable events, as well as planning and executing them in an excellent way. In addition, he has to develop high doses of empathy, understanding of cultures, negotiation techniques, as well as being an expert in measurement systems, ROI, etc.

Q: Give us an example of one of your favourite, well-designed events?

WEC (World Education Congress) 2018, MPI’s main event providing first class education, business and networking opportunities for event and meeting professionals, was redesigned through the Event Canvas Methodology and we were also hired by MPI to measure actual experience during the event and design the WEC22 edition with key stakeholder groups.
EMEC 2019 has been designed entirely with the EventCanvas Methodology. Every element of the content of the training sessions, networking sessions and entertainment sessions was perfectly orchestrated to get the participants out inspired, motivated and equipped to design change when they returned to their jobs. And this is for me the essence of the Meetings and Events industry, transforming behaviour.

Q: What always makes you smile?

When I see talent in action. The professionals in reinvention and constant evolution are what make me smile.