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After three long decades, The Park Café, which we all came to know, as THE place to get an authentic Bled cream cake, underwent extensive renovation. Envisioned by the brilliant architects Rok Klanjšček and Aljaž Lavrič from Real Engineering, the renovated café is now keeping up with the times, with modern interior pieces, spruce wood furnishings and a stylish glass dessert showcase.

The Bled Cream Cake remains in the centre of attention

The underlying theme of Park Café is a strong connection with nature. Whether it’s the magnificent views across Lake Bled and the Bled castle or the use of spruce wood in the interior design, you simply feel in sync with the environment. The designers made sure that everyone sitting in the café can see the lake, castle or the island. They also made sure everyone feels the cosiness and warmth provided by the spruce tree, which has become part of Slovenian tradition, especially in the Gorenjska region.

The feel and smell of it gives a sense of familiarity and ties together the entire story of Sava Hotels and Resorts, which also used spruce wood when renovating the Rikli Balance Hotel. The new image of Park Café is a huge step forward, but when asked what he thinks is the nicest piece of interior design in an interview, Rok Klanjšček said it is obviously the Bled cream cake.


Photo: REAL Engineering

The old interior wasn’t up to par with the modern international guest and wasn’t helping boost sales. The recurrent theme was shades of purple, outdated wallpaper and what everybody knew Park Café for, giant swan decorations all over the place.


Photo: www.sava-hotels-resorts.com

The new image of the café is adapted to the needs of the international guest, but still keeps its roots and an Alpine vibe. It follows the corporate image of Sava Hotels and Resorts, the recently renovated Rikli Balance and the planned renovation of Hotel Park. The guiding principles are the use of local and natural materials.