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The City of Athens, Aegean, Athens International Airport and the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE), have joined forces to form a unique public-private partnership called This is Athens & Partners. The partnership aims to bolster the city’s visitor economy and establish Athens as an attractive destination for visitors, residents, professionals, and investors.

The Mayor of Athens Mr. Georgios Kaminis, the president of Aegean Mr. Eftychios Vasilakis, the CEO of Athens International Airport and Mr. Ioannis Paraschis and the president of SETE Mr. Yannis Retsos discussed their plans and objectives regarding the city’s development as a top European destination during an event held at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. The four of them proceeded to sign an MoU to consolidate their collaboration and officially launch the partnership which is already attracting interest. The “This is Athens & Partners” is planning, with the support of the key tourism stakeholders and corporations, to develop and implement projects that will boost economic growth and job creation for Athens by attracting investment, businesses, events, visitors.

The Managing Director of the Athens Development & Destination Management Agency (ADDMA) Mr. Alexis Galinos called upon all creative forces of the city to join This is Athens & Partners.Mr. Galinos announced a comprehensive 3-year 15M Euros plan for the development and growth of the city’s visitor economy which includes a number of wide ranging projects for the development, management and marketing of Athens as a destination. The projects include urban regeneration schemes across town, the opening of closed shops in the centre of the city to boost local entrepreneurship and upgrade public areas, and a 2 – year anti-tagging program to curate the image of the city. It also includes the curation of events and gigs that will boost the city’s already rich agenda and promote Athens as a contemporary cultural hub.

This is Athens & Partners will support digital campaigns expected to reach 120 million potential visitors from major tourist markets. The campaigns are expected to attract at least 200.000 new visitors to Athens. Furthermore, the Athens Convention and Visitors Bureau, awarded as the best of its kind in Europe at the World Tourism Awards, is launching a 3 – year plan to attract a large number of international conferences and meetings in Athens.

Already major hotel stakeholders have been attracted by the partnership and have shown great interest to be on board.

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