Photo credit: Kaval Group

Kaval Group, a top-notch restaurant chain in Ljubljana is not renowned only for its excellent catering services, but also for its eight restaurants, four cafés, and even a billiards hall. Its restaurants are also proud owners of many accolades, among them the recent two prestigious Gault & Millau Guide’s titles for Slovenian Chef of The Year and Young Talent. Into its impressive gastronomy and hospitality bouquet, the Kaval Group is on the 4th of April adding another restaurant that will attract lovers of top-notch culinary. The Pri Trubarjevi mami (At Trubar’s Mother), that will serve traditional Slovenian Cuisine, will festively open on the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre’s premises, in the basement of the Jurček Pavillion.

GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre (GR), is, thus, becoming richer for a new restaurant that will provide its half million visitors a year with an option of enjoying in traditional Slovenian food.

The basement area of the former wine cellar provides a beautiful space spiced with tradition in its design and setting and it is, hence, a perfect location for savouring in a top-notch example of traditional Slovenian cuisine. Visitors to GR and to its many hosted events will from now on be able to witness a pristine Slovenian culinary journey.

The menu of the new restaurant was co-created by Mojmir Šiftar, the latest Slovenian Young Talent Chef awarded the title by the prestigious gastronomy guide Gault & Millau. Just to awaken your taste buds, the Slovenian autochthonous dishes include goulash made of Slovenian game, grilled lamb leg with homemade beets, sausages, pork tripe with buckwheat, sauerkraut, and cracklings, to name a few. All of the ingredients in Pri Trubarjevi mami come from local producers who own ecological certificates. The lovers of good food and drinks will also be able to chose among an extensive selection of wines and beers. In addition, the restaurant will offer handmade pasta, desserts, and other crafted culinary delights.