Photo credit: Janez Marolt

Central Hotel located in Ljubljana’s city centre and managed by Union Hotels group, has with its complete refurbishment become a new futuristic star of Slovenian tourism. Designed according to future hospitality trends, the hotel provides a new hotel experience, focused on fun, socialising, co-working and interaction with the staff. The hotel’s new concept is intended to satisfy the wishes and needs of the ever more important guests from the age group of Millenials.

In the hotel, the visitors will be for the first time in Slovenia able to stay in sleeping capsules that are located on the 7th floor of the hotel, only a few steps from the Rooftop@Central restaurant and terrace with impressive views over the city and its castle. Ten sleeping capsules provide for a futuristic living spaces, which are a complete novelty in Slovenia, providing guests with an urban glamping experience in the centre of Ljubljana. The capsule interior features a comfortable bed, as well as a television, radio, safe, mirror, LED screen, USB connection, and fast Wi-Fi connection. Outside the capsules, guests can relax in the private ‘lounge’ area for urban glampers.

“With the Central Hotel’s new concept, we created a completely new tourist experience in Ljubljana. It is designed as the first hotel for the new generation of tourists, travellers and so-called “hipsters”, who are looking for a relaxed, authentic, urban and social accommodation, without the formalities of conventional hotels, ” commented Matej Rigelnik, Chief Executive Officer, Union Hotels, d.d.

The novelty is also in the hotel’s key unique element of a mobile-based experience for guests who check in with a mobile application. The Central Hotel application allows to check-in via a smartphone, serves as a digital hotel room key, allows to move around the hotel freely and communicate directly with the staff.