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Are you working in the meetings industry and are you eager to know what works in MICE marketing and why?

Two years ago, the Conventa Trend Bar project was born, soon growing into an important support pillar for the entire Conventa trade show. So far, our Trend Bars have been carried out in Sofia, Bucharest, Sarajevo, Podgorica, Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Belgrade, Ljubljana and Split.

The event is formed as an interactive workshop, where we try to find answers about how to make events and destinations more interesting, different and efficient on the current turbulent market.

We warmly invite you to join us at the first Conventa Trend Bar of the year in Thessaloniki, Greece on the 10th of May 2019, where we will be answering the complex questions and riddles that event organizers and destination managers face in their work.

What works in MICE marketing and why?

Gorazd Čad, the co-founder of Conventa, the largest regional meetings industry’s tradeshow, founder of its younger brother Conventa Crossover, as well as the CEO and owner of Toleranca Marketing and editor-in-chief at Kongres Magazine will thoroughly address the issue of how to make events and destinations more interesting, divergent, unique and, of course, more market effective.

The main part of the Trend Bar will be a workshop entitled What works in MICE marketing and why? which will also look for answers why the classical methods do not always work and what must be known to best tailor them to serve your needs. The workshop is very practical, and the presentation of 20 examples will equip you with proper tools and techniques for successful marketing.

Conventa Trend Bar 2017

You're busy on the 10th of May? Thessaloniki is too far? Don't worry, there are more Trend Bars coming...


May 10th – Municipal Art Gallery Casa Bianca


May 30th – Triglav LAB


May 31st – Mokrice Castle, Barbara Hall


June 4th – Hotel Splendid Conference and Spa


June 6th – Barone Fortress


June 20th – Hotel Hills Sarajevo


June 24th – Lviv Coffee Manufacture


September 12th – Hotel Expo Sofia – ForEgo Restaurant


October 18th – Svilara Cultural Station

Gain knowledge, interact and get to know us better.

Come to your nearest Conventa Trend Bar and join us for lovely, fun and lively couple of hours that will inspire you to create better and arm you with knowledge for the following challenges.

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